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How Do More Women in Music Become 'Gatekeepers'? A&R Execs Look for Answers at Reboot Workshop

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

From left: Maria Egan (President, Pulse Music Group); Teresa LaBarbera, Head of A&R Parkwood Entertainment; Maureen Kenny (SVP, A&R, Atlantic Records); Ashley Calhoun (VP A&R, Pulse Music Group); Katie Welle (SVP A&R, RCA); Wendy Goldstein (EVP, Republic Records); and Ethiopia Habtemariam (President, Motown Records)

"It's out duty to talk those women up and give them, help them develop their name...when hiring someone for a gig and gender shouldn't matter, talent should speak for itself." - Teresa LaBarbara, Head of A&R Parkwood Entertainment

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